Heroine tasuke sugite sekai ga little mokushiroku?!? Prologue 03

Prologue 03 Harissa Hope
The seventh army, mobilised in order to subjugate the demon lord that revived a few hundred years ago, met with it’s defeat yet again like it’s predecessors.
Whether it be soldiers, bows or magic, none managed to break apart the barrier concealing the island the demon lord resided on, and they were instead kicked out by the summoned demons.
Because of the troops the demon lord sent out, the country’s power declined up to the point that it no longer had the resources to defeat the demon lord.
That was why everyone was waiting in anticipation.
For the return of the hero from legends.
This was the reason that Harissa Hope had to complete great sorcery at the time.
A secret ritual from the legend passed down through the royal family – the summoning of a hero from another world.
(I-I-I’ll make sure this works….!)
Harissa gripped her staff and from it emerald mana started to pour into the into the magic circle. When the magic concentration reaches a critical point a hero from another world will be summoned unto this one – well, supposedly.
That was, if the legend was true, and her magic power enough.
However, she didn’t have the option of failure. She cannot afford to fail.
If that very legend had been nonsense from the start, there was nothing else they could do.
(Aaah~ The more I think about it, the more I think I’m gonna fail~)
She was losing her courage, but the flow of mana did not stop.
Finally the magic circle’s glow that was pumped full of mana changed.
Like emerald tongues of flame, the mana shimmered and flashed a dizzying white, filling the whole throne room.
“Wh-what’s this?!”
“What did you do, Harissa Hope!”
“I did exactly as you told me to~~~”
Angry complaints were thrown around for about 10 seconds.
It was so bright that many turned their eyes away, but the room didn’t have any noticeable difference from before.
The only change that happened was, inside the magic circle, stood a single young man.
“Huh? What, happened? Where is this?”
Sporting a bewildered expression, he looked around in puzzlement about his surroundings.
The strange clothes he was wearing was like nothing that existed on the continent.
The nobles in the room exchanged various questions and speculations amongst themselves.
“Foreigner?” “Young man?” “We’ve never seen him before.” “From another world?” “Did it succeed?”
Slowly, everyone’s opinions converged and they came upon a single answer.
…….. “The Hero?”
“Sir Hero!”
The first one to rush out was none other than Harissa who had summoned him.
The young girl ran over to the still confused young man and tackle-hugged him.
Tears welled up in her eyes, and in an intoxicated manner stared at him up close. His features were quite average, however it was as if she was witnessing the world’s most handsome man.
“Eh? Wh-why are you crying?”
“Sir Hero! May I ask you for your name?”
So she interrupted his voice, in a tone not unlike one a little girl would use to her knight in shining armour.
Recognising the atmosphere, he was taken aback but answered.
“It’s Namidare Rekka but….. hey, where exactly am I?”

Translating Stuff

Well here I am translating this novel Ore ga Heroine wo Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku?!?

I do believe some other group is already doing it but I’m doing it for myself and I quite frankly don’t care or mind if people come and read or complain.

I’m doing this for Japanese practice truthfully and I am not always very happy with what ends up translated, you know those lost in translation bits since I’m quite a good writer if I may claim to be.

So feel free to browse around.

Heroine tasuke sugite sekai ga little mokushiroku?!? Prologue 02

Prologue 02 Iris Pheneritas Psyfacor.
“Aw man! And just when I took the trouble to run away to this backcountry planet too!”
So cursed Iris as she looked behind her back.
From building roof to another, they leaped like supermen, chasing her. Three shadows in total flitted around.
The two pursuers behind were men from her home planet Phenerita who would have come after her eventually.
They wore sunglasses and were dressed impeccably in tuxedos, at a glance they may be mistaken for the locals of the planet – they were very similar to Earth men. However, the tails which looked like a horses’ grew from their rear ends told a different story.
Of course it was a given that Iris was also an alien, having a silver tail behind her as well.
That’s about it on the results of Iris’s actions, the daughter of the planet Phenerita’s highest standing official, who had decided to run away from home.
The reason was simple, she didn’t like the marriage proposal her father brought to her. If you had to put it more accurately, rather than an arranged marriage it was more of a political marriage of convenience, a tribute to the larger power. All in all, it was a decision in which she had no say at all.
I don’t want that at all, Iris thought.
That was why she boarded her personal spacecraft and ran away by random warp to this far away planet. However, chasers immediately appeared. Iris’s unplanned escape had been seen right through by her father.
But she wasn’t going to go down without a fight.
Iris ran.
With all her might.
Then, because of panicking, she stepped right through a building’s rotted roof.
Because of fall’s impact, a huge amount of dust and dirt billowed up, and both Iris and her pursuers lost sight of each other.
Being covered head to toe in dirt, she thought, “This is the worst.”
Behind her was a young man, and they met.
“Over here! We’re running!”
Within the cloud of dust in which they could barely see beyond 10 centimetres, Iris grabbed his hand tightly and started to run.
Within the chaos Iris instigated, his hand taken into hers, they escaped from the building.
And thus, he had apparently saved Iris.
“W-what’s happening… and, my hand…”
The alien from another planet, upon realising that it was the first time she held the hands of a boy, had her cheeks burn bright red.
Despite common sense dictating that she should’ve said thank you, the embarassment of having her hands held made her forgot all about that. Instead, Iris unthinkingly asked for his name in a brusque manner.
“Uh, hey, what’s your name?”
To which he replied that it was Namidare Rekka.

Heroine tasuke sugite sekai ga little mokushiroku?!? Prologue 01

Heroine tasuke sugite sekai ga little mokushiroku?!? (as in I Save Too Many Heroines the World Ends Up in a Little Apocalypse?!?)

Pet project of mine. Let’s see how long I can keep it up.
Prologue 01 Ootomo Satsuki
The great magic of Shinra.
Rumours have abounded among magicians about this secret magic from ages past.
It is said that every single thing in the world has been chronicled inside the Akashic Record.
If it really did exist, it was told that this magic can spell the worlds survival or it’s doom, and possibly rule over the world.
The great magic of Shinra has been passed down secretly from generation to generation in a certain tribe of magicians, which appears to really exist…
Inside that tribe which had continuously protected the great magic was a young girl who was now very troubled. Her name, Ootomosa Satsuki. The next day, she was turning sixteen.
To her tribe, the coming of age at sixteen was an exceedingly important event.
In order to maintain the bloodline of this special tribe of magicians which continued to pass down the great magic of Shinra till now, there was a certain fail-safe.
The contract of Shinra, so it was called.
If a person were to exchange kisses with the lips of Satsuki, who was the contractor, he will be her partner for life.
Bluntly put, it was something put there to make sure that descendants always remained.
What, is it that easy? Well, how to not let others get it so easily was the big problem.
Since that same person to whom that exchange happens will be able to use the great magic of Shinra Satsuki possesses as well.
That why this important magic contract may only be exchanged when the holder turns sixteen.
As afore mentioned, the great magic of Shinra was a double-edged sword.
No matter the era, bad fellows wanting to use the magic of Shinra for their evil deeds were always present.
To keep the magic away from such men, Satsuki’s tribe have for thousands of years disguised and concealed themselves, hiding away the truth about themselves.
However their cover was broken recently and the great magic of Shinra’s location got pried out by a certain man.
His name was Messiah Candystraps. The strongest mage in the world.
With a enormous capacity for magic power, both his monstrous power and knowledge are only matched by his equally immense greed, he announced himself the strongest man. Letting him have the magic can’t possibly lead to anything good.
Her parents went to fight him in order to protect both their daughter and the magic.
However it accomplished little but to buy them some time.
She herself had memorised many magic for escaping, like teleportation and flying magic, but because of the vast difference in her own and Messiah’s aggregate magic power, she had no choice other than to run. Even though she was better with her technique, she can’t win just by continuing to escape. Two to three days would have been her limit anyway.
When Satsuki’s parents gave birth to her, they handed down everything about the great magic of Shinra to her as well. So the only person capable of accessing the Akashic Records was her alone. The possible partner for he contract was only one. There was no mistake that to obtain that magic, Messiah would use any means within his power and there was no lack of ways to try for him.
The only choice she had was to complete the contract with somebody else before he reaches her.
Without realising that tears were coming out, Satsuki wiped her eyes.
If it were possible, she wanted to fall in love. Walk together holding hands, bring up tender love, confess to each other little secrets; all these things she wanted to do with ‘him.’
However time permits not. Messiah waits not.
Satsuki started writing a letter… carefully as to not stain the paper with her tears.
(If I knew this was going to happen, I should have confessed in middle school.)
While thinking those thoughts, she let her pen run. Again and again the words were imprinted, and at the same time new paper was prepared…
At the crack of dawn, the letter was finally complete, and Satsuki wrote ‘his’ name on the envelope.
Note: The Shinra here is comprised of the kanji 森羅 (shin ra) from the phrase 森羅万象 (shin ra ban shou) which means all of creation. However Shinra on it’s own is also a person’s name. The author probably intends it to have that double meaning.