Heroine tasuke sugite sekai ga little mokushiroku?!? Prologue 03

Prologue 03 Harissa Hope
The seventh army, mobilised in order to subjugate the demon lord that revived a few hundred years ago, met with it’s defeat yet again like it’s predecessors.
Whether it be soldiers, bows or magic, none managed to break apart the barrier concealing the island the demon lord resided on, and they were instead kicked out by the summoned demons.
Because of the troops the demon lord sent out, the country’s power declined up to the point that it no longer had the resources to defeat the demon lord.
That was why everyone was waiting in anticipation.
For the return of the hero from legends.
This was the reason that Harissa Hope had to complete great sorcery at the time.
A secret ritual from the legend passed down through the royal family – the summoning of a hero from another world.
(I-I-I’ll make sure this works….!)
Harissa gripped her staff and from it emerald mana started to pour into the into the magic circle. When the magic concentration reaches a critical point a hero from another world will be summoned unto this one – well, supposedly.
That was, if the legend was true, and her magic power enough.
However, she didn’t have the option of failure. She cannot afford to fail.
If that very legend had been nonsense from the start, there was nothing else they could do.
(Aaah~ The more I think about it, the more I think I’m gonna fail~)
She was losing her courage, but the flow of mana did not stop.
Finally the magic circle’s glow that was pumped full of mana changed.
Like emerald tongues of flame, the mana shimmered and flashed a dizzying white, filling the whole throne room.
“Wh-what’s this?!”
“What did you do, Harissa Hope!”
“I did exactly as you told me to~~~”
Angry complaints were thrown around for about 10 seconds.
It was so bright that many turned their eyes away, but the room didn’t have any noticeable difference from before.
The only change that happened was, inside the magic circle, stood a single young man.
“Huh? What, happened? Where is this?”
Sporting a bewildered expression, he looked around in puzzlement about his surroundings.
The strange clothes he was wearing was like nothing that existed on the continent.
The nobles in the room exchanged various questions and speculations amongst themselves.
“Foreigner?” “Young man?” “We’ve never seen him before.” “From another world?” “Did it succeed?”
Slowly, everyone’s opinions converged and they came upon a single answer.
…….. “The Hero?”
“Sir Hero!”
The first one to rush out was none other than Harissa who had summoned him.
The young girl ran over to the still confused young man and tackle-hugged him.
Tears welled up in her eyes, and in an intoxicated manner stared at him up close. His features were quite average, however it was as if she was witnessing the world’s most handsome man.
“Eh? Wh-why are you crying?”
“Sir Hero! May I ask you for your name?”
So she interrupted his voice, in a tone not unlike one a little girl would use to her knight in shining armour.
Recognising the atmosphere, he was taken aback but answered.
“It’s Namidare Rekka but….. hey, where exactly am I?”

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